Two Storey

33 m² / 115 m²

3 Beds

2 Bathrooms

1 Car / Boat

Building on a hill site can offer unique design opportunities that are not possible on flat sites. For example, you could incorporate a walkout basement, multiple levels, or first floor decking. This design combines all of these options, with it’s second story providing fantastic views around the property.

We were excited to design this new 3 Bedroom dwelling on a hill site. Hill sites always offer advantages like brilliant views – especially this one in Duvauchelle.

The clients wanted a 110m² house plan with carport or garage below, with space for a small workshop too. The clients wanted the living, dining and kitchen areas to have as much sunlight as possible, so well-placed windows were a must for this design.

Ilaisa Tabukovu

Ilaisa Tabukovu

Senior Designer, ID Architecture

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Ilaisa Tabukovu

Latest Review

Exceptional service and design from Ilaisa, and his team…it was refreshing to find a design team with this approach. Would highly recommend Ilaisa Design, because of their ability to convert your needs/ideas into a well-priced detailed package. Look forward to using Ilaisa Design on future projects.

Dave McGrath